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Trust Your Harley Davidson to AMSOIL
Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Products

The AMSOIL Advantage

Harley Davidson owners want the best protection possible for their equipment, calling for rugged oils that exhibit high temperature deposit control additives. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are specially formulated with the best synthetic basestocks and high performance additives to provide tough lubricating protection for all Harley Davidson engines in the most demanding operations.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated for both water-cooled engines and the unique demands presented by air-cooled V-twin motorcycle engines. Conventional petroleum oils break down and oxidize when faced with high temperatures, such as those experienced when idling in traffic, contributing to the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish. AMSOIL withstands oil breakdown and oxidation in high temperatures, holds contaminants in suspension and keeps engines running cool and clean.

Zinc and phosphorous additives are extremely important to engines faced with high-pressure conditions, especially motorcycle engines, which typically have steep cam slopes, creating high pressure between the parts. In motorcycles, friction modifiers (prevalent in automotive oils) have been attributed to engine start failures, a rough running feel, and increased fuel consumption due to hgiher engine stall speeds and other problems. AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 and 20W-50 Motorcycle Oils have beefier anti-wear and detergent/dispersant packages with no friction modifiers, keeping motorcycles running smoothly and efficiently, while allowing for extended drain intervals.

AMSOIL Cross Reference
Harley-Davidson Part #
AMSOIL Product
99816-60 HD Engine Oil AHR SAE 60 Engine Oil
MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99892-84 Transmission Lube SVG 75w-90 Gear Lube
SVO 75w-140 Gear Lube
99824-03 Screamin Eagle Syn 3 MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99887-84 Primary Lube MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99896-88 Sport-Trans fluid MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99880-73 Type B fork oil STM #10 Suspension Fluid
99884-80 Type E fork oil STM #10 Suspension Fluid

Harley-Davidson Confirms To AMSOIL That The Use Of Synthetic Motor Oils Other Than Harley-Davidson Oil Does Not Void Warranty Coverage - warranty addendum


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