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AMSOIL synthetic extreme pressure lithium complex greases offer outstanding protection and extended service lives.

AMSOIL Synthetic Greases are recommended for all types of farm applications. The Multi-Purpose, Heavy-Duty, Water Resistant and Spy Greases each provide outstanding antiwear protection by significantly reducing friction and wear. Each is highly resistant to water washout and each imparts excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

Heavy-Duty Synthetic Grease:
Heavy-Duty Synthetic Grease is a moly-fortified, high load-bearing, lithium complex, extreme pressure grease, formulated to provide exceptional lubrication and antiwear protection in heavy-duty applications.

Available in 16-oz.cans, 14-oz.car-tridges, 35-lb.lugs,120-lb.kegs and 400-lb.drums.

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease:
Multi-Purpose Grease is a superior lithium complex grease that 's especially suited for use with all types of bearings (high or low speed). Multi-Purpose Grease is appropriate to any application where a high-quality grease is recommended.

AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease is also available in a convenient aerosol spray can that allows easy transportation and application. Spray Grease also allows precise application in hard-to-reach areas, and its distinctive dye lets you see exactly where it 's been applied. AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease is available in 16-oz.cans, 14-oz.car-tridges, 35-lb.lugs, 120-lb.kegs and 400-lb.drums.

AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Spray Grease is available in 10 1 /2 fl.oz. spray cans.

Water Resistant Grease:
Water Resistant Grease is ideal for application in wheel bearings, chassis and machinery where contact with water is common. It offers the thermal and oxidative stability, high viscosity index, extreme temperature performance and outstanding protection you expect in AMSOIL Greases, plus water washout resistance superior to any grease you've used.

Available in 14-oz.cartridges, 35-lb.lugs and 120-lb.kegs.

AMSOIL Synthetic Greases Outperform Ordinary Grease!

Heavy Duty Grease
Extreme-pressure, moly-fortified. Provides outstanding protection for four wheel drive steering knuckles, spring shackles and other components operating in high-load, low-speed conditions.
Product Code: GHB, GHD
Multi-Purpose Grease
Reduces friction and wear in high-speed/high-temperature components such as automotive wheel bearings and electric motors. It keeps components running clean and trouble-free for outstanding performance and long life.
Product Code: GLA, GLB, GLC
Water Resistant Grease
Resists water washout and degradation. Unparalleled protection for boat trailer wheel bearings and other components frequently exposed to water.
Product Code: GWR

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