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Platinum+4 Spark Plugs

Four Times the Amount of Pure Platinum with Four Electrodes and the Most Powerful Spark.

Bosch Platinum+4's unique revolutionary firing technology combines the advantages of surface air gap technology, four ground electrodes, and a heat-fused center electrode with four times the amount of pure platinum. Only Bosch offers this revolutionary firing technology for the ultimate in engine performance.

Unlike conventional air gap spark plugs, Platinum+4 uses surface air gap technology, which generates the most powerful spark you can buy. The spark first travels over the surface of the insulator nose and then arcs across the air gap to a ground electrode for a longer spark without increasing the voltage requirement.

Plus, four ground electrodes provide multiple radial spark paths, which allow the spark to find the most efficient path. Platinum+4 also uses four times the amount of pure platinum in its center electrode versus Bosch Platinum, and double that of Bosch Platinum2, for the longest performance life.

Try Bosch Platinum+4 Spark Plugs, and ignite your motorcycle's performance with the most powerful spark you can buy.

Spark Plug Wire Sets

Make a Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set a part of every tune up!

Today's hotter running engines created extreme underhood temperatures, placing exceptional demands on spark plug wire sets. That's why each layer of a Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set offers protection against the harsh underhood conditions generated by today's engines. And when matched with Bosch Spark Plug, Bosch Spark Plug Wire Sets deliver optimal lifetime performance to your car or light truck.

Bosch superior lifetime performance wire sets consistently deliver the maximum firing energy to the spark plugs in your motorcycle, and will provide:

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Quicker and easier starting
  • Smoother idle and acceleration
  • Reduced emissions

Trust the Experience of Bosch.
Bosch has manufactured and supplied superior wire sets for close to a century, since supplying the world's first high-voltage vehicle ignition system in 1902. With experience like this, it's no wonder the name Bosch has always been known for the highest quality.

Be sure to match Bosch Spark Plug Wire Sets with Bosch Spark Plugs and get the ultimate in performance!


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