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AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters

AMSOIL INC. revolutionized the filtration industry with its introduction of AMSOIL Ea Air and Ea Oil Filters. For the first time exclusive nanofiber technology – the same technology used in the Abrams M1 tank and other heavy duty applications – was made available for automotive applications. Now, AMSOIL has made this outstanding new technology available for motorcycles.

Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters

Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters feature a specially constructed silicone anti-drainback valve and a nitrile sealing gasket to go along with the full-synthetic Ea nanofiber media. The anti-drainback valve provides excellent protection during startup and remains flexible in all temperatures, and the nitrile sealing gasket resists chemical breakdown, providing excellent durability and ensuring long filter life. AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters are fluted for easy removal from the motorcycle and are available in a chrome-plated alternative to the normal black filters.

Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters
The unique construction and full-synthetic media of AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters allow them to provide unmatched performance in motorcycles and other power sports equipment. EaOM Filters last longer, stop smaller dirt particles and offer less restriction than other filters.
Product Code: EAOM

Ea Motorcycle Air Filters

The filtration media in the Ea Motorcycle Air Filter is pleated and has epoxy-coated wire on the face and back of the media for additional strength and stiffness. High quality plastisol potting compounds bond the pleat packs to the plastic or aluminum side plates. The S&S (aftermarket engine and carburetor manufacturer) style round filters are manufactured with high-quality plastisol that bonds the media to the wire backing and sealing area.

Ea Motorcycle Air Filters
The synthetic nanofiber media featured in AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Air Filters have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces, resulting in more contaminants being captured on the surface of the media and lower restriction.
Product Code: EAAM

Twin Air Filters

Twin Air air filters provide motorcycles and ATVs with maximum intake protection in any riding conditions. The coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand, while the fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage. Twin Air air filters are constructed with an exclusively formulated adhesive that withstands repeated cleanings. Their thick, flat-foam greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with the airbox while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage. Unlike competitors’ two piece designs, the fused outer and inner elements of Twin Air air filters prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers, preventing trapped particles from restricting airflow and keeping even the tiniest dirt particles from entering an engine and destroying cylinders and piston rings.

Twin Air Dual-Stage Powersports Filters
Twin Air’s patented filtration design, high-quality materials and superior construction deliver maximum performance and protection. Twin Air filters are the choice of more world and national motocross champions than all other filters combined.
Product Code: TWINAIR
PowerSports Air Filters
PowerSports Air Filters for dirtbikes and ATVs extend equipment life, increase power and save money. PowerSports Air Filters feature two layers of oil-wetted polyurethane foam that provide a superior job at stopping dirt while maximizing air flow. Their special design improves performance, allows for better fuel economy and reduces wear.
Product Code: PSFA
Foam Filter Oil
Designed specifically for AMSOIL Reusable Air Filters. Special "high tack" oil for long term effectiveness. Traps and holds dirt and dust particles.
Product Code: AFO

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