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Fifth Wheel Compounds and Metal Protectors

Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound
AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound provides outstanding truck tractor fifth wheel lubrication and protection.

AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound adheres to metal surfaces that are dirty or otherwise poorly prepared for lubrication, making it ideal for hard-to-service equipment operating in hostile environments.

AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound resists water washout, protecting fifth wheels that are exposed to water. Top-quality anti-rust and ant-corrosion agents protect surfaces from the rust and corrosion water exposure may cause.

AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound offers superior protection in high and low temperatures. It does not flake in low temperatures or soften in high temperatures.

AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound sprays on. It's quick, neat and economical to use.

Heavy Duty Metal Protector
A heavy-duty spray lubricant fortified with special rust and corrosion inhibitors. It penetrates and adheres to metal surfaces, leaving a dry, long lasting wax-like protective coating. Also works well as an undercoat, preventing rust and eliminating squeaks.

Metal Protector
Disperses water and protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. Dries completely and doesn't attract dust. Penetrates existing rust build-up and loosens bolts. Also dries wet electrical systems.

Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound
AMSOIL Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound is based on proprietary technology that does not use asphaltic materials, residual compounded oils or diluent solvents as part of the lubricant formulation. It provides excellent adhesion to surfaces, resistance to water washout and protection against rust, corrosion, and wear. It is an aerosol spray product, making application quick, easy, neat and economical.
Product Code: GFW
MPHD Heavy Duty Metal Protector
AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector is the product of choice for metal surfaces that require a heavy duty lubricant or are exposed to the damaging effects of salt, moisture or chemical corrosion. It is ideal for hinges, wire ropes and springs, nuts and bolts, motorcycle or bicycle chains, and for undercoating car doors, wheelwells, rocker panels, seams and other metal surfaces exposed to water, dirt or road salt.
Product Code: AMH
MP Metal Protector
AMSOIL Metal Protector is a synthetic, greaseless all-purpose lubricant that provides metal surfaces with a long-lasting film. Its penetrating agents cut through rust and corrosion to allow free movement of hardware parts. Effective in applications as diverse as hardware, household appliances, sporting goods and electrical equipment.
Product Code: AMP

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